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Painting is Propaganda

I have embarked on an adventure to paint whatever I want and as much as I can—and to give it all away. When I decided to retire, I knew I wanted a focus to take me into the next chapter of my life. I had to retrain my brain from running a business for so … Continue reading

A Year of Change: 2016.12.31>2017.12.31

The year began with my leaving Mexico on New Year’s Eve for a year in Italy. But 2017 actually began October 1, 2016 when I formally retired from the company I founded on October 1, 1981 with Tom Meyer and Garth Rockcastle: Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. I began the gradual disengagement in 2013 when … Continue reading

Italy 2017.11.11>11.24.046+47

Weeks 46 and 47 With only three weeks left in my time in Florence, weeks 46 and 47 were packed. We visited Venice and Lisbon on two consecutive weekends. We enjoyed both cities immensely. Seeing the Tintoretto and Titian painting in Venice was especially invigorating. It was also very pleasant to travel out of season. Lea … Continue reading

Italy 2017.10.21>27.043

Week 43 in Florence began with my first lesson with Davide Barbini, my former instructor at The Angel Academy of Art. I chose Davide because of his experience with color, his keen eye and his innate understanding of the needs of the neophyte student. My first lesson was a 30 cm X 40 cm oil … Continue reading

US 2017.08.19-25.034

Week 34 was spent in Minnesota dealing with a dental appointment, recovering from the light-treatment of my scalp and visiting with friends. I was also able to meet with Dan Vercruysse, Kate Michaud and Eric Amel (the recipients of the first three awards—and now on the jury) to discuss the essay question for the 2018 … Continue reading

Mérida 2017.07.15-21.029 Week 29

Absence One of the most difficult aspects of being way from home studying was the impression my absence left with others. Some of those who do not know me, or only know me superficially,  seemed to think my choice to study abroad, without Lea, was a selfish thing to do. I do not deny that … Continue reading

USA 2017.07.01-07.027 Week 27

I left Rome for the US on June 30 after sitting in on a critique, the afternoon of 29th, of a design project of the summer program of the University of Minnesota School of Design. Gayla Lindt runs the University’s summer program in Rome. The students, from all disciplines—including architecture, interior design, graphics and retail—presented ideas for … Continue reading

Italy 2017.05.13-.05.26.020+.021 Term 2 Week 6 + 7

2017.05.13 Saturday started very slow after a late night on Friday. I finished the blog post for week 19. Did laundry and worked on my charcoal cast drawing in the afternoon. In the evening I went to the opening of a portrait show at the Florence Academy of Art featuring the portrait of one gentleman … Continue reading

Italy 2017.05.06-.05.12.019 Term 2 Week 5

2017.05.06 Saturday was an extra pose day (we lost days because of the art exhibition and national holidays.) I was able to complete my long-term pose. It rained most the day. In the afternoon I rested, read and had a FaceTime call with my grandchild’s Olive. Today (May 6) she turns five and begins kindergarten this fall. She … Continue reading

Intersection of intellect + intuition

I am at a crossroads in my quest for fulfillment. Having spent 50 years pursuing and fulfilling my dream of being an architect, I now sit alone in my apartment in Florence 7,676 kilometers (air KM) away from my architectural home of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and 9,254 kilometers from my home in Merida, Mexico. I am just … Continue reading