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2+0+1+8 = 1+1 = 2 = L O V E

IMG_1013As with anything, we make our own story and lives by how we interact with others, ourselves and those we don’t even know. Our actions, large and small, impact those we see and can not see. 2017 (or 11 or 2) was a tough year for me and, I realize, many others. Not because of results of the election. That was, in hindsight, predictable. We got what we deserved through our complacency and acquiescence. We are Dr Frankenstein who created the monsters now devouring our souls and nation.

What was tough for me was the revelation that the mantle of democracy and fairness that I had worked for and assumed existed in the United States was more threadbare and falling apart than I imagined. This garment is now barely able to protect anyone from the ravages of a government that is controlled by greed and antipathy towards universal concern and compassion. The 325,614,063 people (as of New Year’s Eve at 5:25PM Central Time) are being divided into base camps of have-more-than-they-need, have-a-lot, haves, have-something, have-very-little and have nothing. 

Everything is defined by purchasing power. Money is central to all politics—from the way elections are bought to the politician’s devotion to their handlers (donors). People’s deeply held religious beliefs are being used as a cloaking device to rob them blind. The voiceless are having their mouths taped shut with sticky dollar-tape. Children are being denied healthcare in a master game of social engineering that is disguised as raising wages through the largess of corporate greed masters. Fears are stroked. Race is dividing not uniting. Hate is encouraged and stroked through sophisticated and well-financed propaganda. Media is complacent. We are to blame through apathy at the voting booth, fear of speaking out and impotence brought on by deafness at the political level. And to add insult to injury, the gun is now the central metaphor of independence and self-control.

Can this insanity be stopped?At this point, I am not sure. I do now that this ugliness will get uglier before it gets better. I end 2017 with some tiny shreds of optimism. I am optimistic that women will finally have a proper seat at the table and, if we are lucky, will actually take control (with some exceptions like De Vos, Palin, etc.) I see an aroused younger generation that, if we elders encourage it and STEP ASIDE, will be able to eventually right this ship-of-fools and kick the scoundrels out of the cockpit. Support them. Vote in 2018. Let’s collectively make New Year’s Eve 2018 a joyous event that celebrates a return to sanity. 

1 + 1 =  LO V E 

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One thought on “2+0+1+8 = 1+1 = 2 = L O V E

  1. Nice. I see much as you. My concerns are large. On a simpler note I find myself concerned about the alienation from one another who most often share similar views yet are so ensconced in the enemy, anger syndrome people are beating up one another with just a whimper of alternative views or misunderstandings. Distancing one another from our own fold has repercussions that are not always easy to change. It leaves me shattered in small and sometimes huge ways, knowing someone is so irritated I’m not on the same page as they are 24/7 they would simply rage at me and push me fast out of the life we often, most often actually share similar kind views. Troubling the pain and isolation that might prevail when anyone feels slighted, worse yet when slighted so barely it’s almost impossible to decipher. I do hope the anger toward the huge dictator of this country will stop spreading hatred, anger, misunderstandings toward one another, within our own circle. It’s like my cat Kali Girl, hissing at her sister Bella kitty because I refuse to allow them to go outdoors in the fridged cold. It’s not Bella that caused the mom to say “No”, yet Bella gets the hissing growls because Kali feels helpless, ticked off and incapable of getting me to budge or open the damn deck door. Just ranting. I see all this political madness taking it’s toll on many people, feeling pushed to the brink of a certain madness affecting their physical health out of this anxiety of helplessness. I hope the moron living in the White House tires soon and just ambles off in a daze of tweets while someone quick changes the locks and guards take station guarding the people at the mercy of such a madman.

    Posted by Coral Sadowy | January 1, 2018, 10:06

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