L1080939Today, in a year I can’t disclose, my wife was born. In November of 1987, I had my first date with her. I was, how do they say: “poor as a church mouse.” I was slowly emerging from two personal crisis—divorce and ridding myself of some bad habits. I also had three little girls that I was caring for half time. Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd  was growing. I was also teaching part-time at the University of Minnesota (which helped to make ends meet.)

Over these 28 years, Lea has been my biggest supporter—through the good, the bad and the ugly. As you can image in the early days there was a lot more bad and ugly than good. Not only was I essentially living paycheck-to-paycheck I was emotionally and physically drained. Any spare energy I had went the children and MSR Design. There was little left for Lea.

Slowly, but surely, things improved. Today we are secure and living in Mexico. I am winding down my intense relationship with the company I confounded with Tom Meyer and Garth Rockcastle. Both Lea and I are accelerating our time in our studios. We are spending more time traveling for inspiration for our art. It is the beginning of our likely last chapter in this long story together.

Without Lea, I can say without exaggeration, I would likely have ended up in a not-so-good place. Her quiet, steady, tenacious love (and often tough love) kept me focused on what I am good at and prevented me from falling into some of my not so healthy tendencies. She enabled me to direct huge amounts of energy to growing MSR Design. She quietly and without any comments, provided a wonderful home. She worked tirelessly and without thanks, to ensuring that her step daughters learned important life lessons—she taught them by example. She buried deep her eternal sadness from us not being able to have children together.

Without sounding too romantic, this is love. She saved me. For this I will be eternally grateful.


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